March 2nd, 2012

  • kyomu

Let's be friends!

Because this community is so much more active than it used to be, I thought it would be nice to have a little friending activity. I always love meeting new fans of classic or otome fashion from around the world! So if you are interested just post a little introduction. For example:

You Name/Nickname:
Favorite Brand:
Most Wanted Item:
Job/Major in School:
Links to your Poupee Girl or Tumblr or whatever:

and anything else of interest!

Mary Magdalene Dye Transfer

Recently I wore Mary Magdalene's Elodie JSK in strawberry with Victorian Maiden Noble Lace Puff-Sleeve Blouse in ivory. I've worn these together a few times before with no problems, but I wore them a few days ago while it was a little warm out (I live in the desert so it is always warm out) and found that the underarms were stained red!

The washing instructions on the blouse translate to "do not wash" and "this garment can be dry-cleaned using petroleum-based agent" so I took it to the dry cleaners and brought the instructions, but they were unable to get rid of the red stains. I'm not sure what else to do. Someone recommended Oxiclean, but Oxiclean's website says it is not designed to remove dye transfer stains and I've heard that it is so abrasive that it can ruin and eat through clothing and I especially worry about the lace.

I contacted Mary Magdalene since I'm very disappointed, especially since the Elodie JSK requires a blouse to be worn underneath. They said they weren't sure if there were any places in the USA that could do restoration on items and gave me these two links: Has anyone else had a stain like this they were able to get rid of?