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!DS: Innocent world clanbert op, Victorian Maiden blouse & hat

my eglfeedback is: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/905356.html
I live in the Netherlands.
I have two cats.
I only accept paypal, but I will pay the fee.
I am not responsible for packages that get lost in the mail, unless they have insurance!

Innocent World clanbert op in black, long version

(This is the short version I guess. There was no stock picture of the long version)
More info here: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/op/item/59/
Proof picture
It looks transparent!! But that's not true at all in reality, I think it's due to the lighting.
Also, there is a loose thread in the label which you can see on the photo. For the rest, the dress is in good state. I bought it on the sales community but only tried it on once, because it is too long for me.
55 euro shipped within Europe
75 usd shipped outside Europe
The shipping does not include tracking and insurance. For tracking, add 5 euro/6,50 usd. For tracking & insurance, add 10euro/13 usd.

Victorian Maiden elegant ribbon hat in black

Proof photo
More info here: http://lolibrary.org/node/14130
50 euro incl shipping within the EU
60 euro incl shipping worldwide

for tracking add 5 euro, for insurance add 10 euro

Victorian Maiden unknown blouse

A very lovely blouse, bought on Maiden clothing in good state and worn once by me.
Unfortunately, the color doesn't look great with my skintone so I'm selling it.
I couldn't find the stock picture anywhere, but it looks like the "cinnamon" (cream) color.
The bowtie isn't actually detached to the blouse, so you can wear it with or without it.
Min. measurements approx. 62 cm bust, 60 cm waist
Max. measurements approx. 84 cm bust, 80 cm waist
(measured flat)
100 euro shipped within Europe
143 usd shipped outside Europe

for tracking add 5 euro, for insurance add 10 euro

Thanks for looking! ^^

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