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La · Vie · Classique

DS: Victorian Maiden Rose Card OP (shipping included and reduced)

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Hello dears,

I'm selling my Victorian Maiden Rose Card OP, which is a beautiful classic summer dress!

Here are the basic rules (and here you have my complete rules):

- I ship from Spain (Europe).
- Here it's my EGL Feedback page.
- I'm not interested in trades.
- The price is in euros.
- I only accept Paypal.
- The shipping cost is included in the price.
- The Paypal fees are included in the price.
- I can accept other reasonable offers.
- I don't smoke and I don't have pets.
- First person in leaving a Paypal address, gets the item.
- I don't reserve.
- I only accept full payments.
- I reserve the right of not selling to certain people.

Stock pictures:




This is the Lolibrary link to the dress' page, which as I said before is called 'Rose Card' (by Victorian Maiden). I'm selling the mint color version.

The official measuremnts are:

Bust: 88cm
Highwaist: 74 cm
Length: 93 cm
My pictures and measurements:


The dress is in perfect condition; I bought it new with tag the past year and I worn it only 3 times.


It includes the datachable bow and the datachable neck straps.


It's made of cotton, it's ideal for summer and it's fully lined.


The datachable bow is also in perfect condition.


There you can see the label and the neck straps, wich are also datachable.


It has some shirring in the back and a corset part, but it can't be stretched so much.

These are my measures:

Lenght: 93 cm
Highwaist: 37 cm (flat)
Sleeve lenght: 19 cm

Price: 220€ 200€ - Paypal fees included and registered and tracked mail included (worldwide), OBO (I accept any other reasoble offers, but I don't trade)
Please, if you want me to mark down the price of the package, tell me about it when you pay.

Thanks for looking!

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