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Juliette et Justine, now with added GLB!

Juliette et Justine, now with added GLB!

I’m organising an event for Juliette et Justine in London (September 8th-9th), which is, as far as I know the first ever Juliette et Justine event. There’ll be a stall, a fashion show, a Q&A with head designer Mari Nakamura, a raffle for JetJ and other prizes, professional photographers and more competitions, games, events and refreshments (With more to be announced!)

We can also now announce our second special guest:

Mariko Suzuki
Editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible, and former editor of Kera Maniax

Juliette et Justine is paying for ‘a few pages’ in the GLB to do a feature on the event. Even more excitingly they would like to feature two attendees (one model from the fashion show – details of the competition up next week – and one other guest). I really want someone to get talent spotted and become a lolita model in Japan or something! *__*

The dates for this event is Saturday 8th September with an optional tea party on the 9th with Nakamura and Suzuki

Tickets go on sale at 8pm BST (GMT +1) this Sunday
Please watch for more details

2012 is pretty special for London, first the Olympic games, now this! If you’ve ever wanted to come and visit we’ll give you a warm welcome! We even have lolis flying from as far as Singapore for this!

Facebook event:
Group to organise travel and accommodation for foreign lolitas:
Spanish group for the event:

Oh and TPC in the news! We were in the Asahi Shimbun today! Mariko Suzuki said she was very surprised to be sent photos of us from Nakamura and then open up her newspaper to see the same photo!

(Many thanks to the V&A for sending on this picture)

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