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A little light reading

I'm a member of mixi and saw an interesting thread on the Mary Magdalene community so I thought I'd share a translation :) Sounds very similar to our arguments in English!

I thought it was common knowledge that when you sell something used, the price should be lower than the retail price but I guess I was wrong.

People say “the price is high because it’s so hard to find” or whatever… but it’s just about making money.

This isn’t a place to post your grumbles.
If you don’t like the prices, don’t buy it and actually I think you’re annoying people by asking for cheaper prices.
Resellers (not pointing out any in particular) [that sell at high prices] will be stuck if someone doesn’t buy their item so I just don’t buy from that kind of person. I think that’s a good stance to adopt.

I’m not trying to complain…?
Miserable people who use clothes as a tool to make money off others are irritating and make me upset.

There are people who are willing to pay 50,000yen+
There are also people who prefer not to sell their stuff for 50,000yen
It’s an issue based on personal feelings.
But don’t you guys think that not the resale items but MM’s new stuff…
has dropped in quality?
I’ve noticed some things.
The belt on my Elodie Doll dress has fraying threads and the width on the pintucks is asymmetrical.
The hem on a coat I got wasn’t properly attached and I had to give it to a seamstress which took 2 weeks.
The placement of the braid on my Marie Antoinette dress was off…
And other stuff.
Maybe I’ve just had a string of bad items – have any of you gotten the same items as me?

I wouldn’t exactly call it “making money” off others.
Lolita is a special fashion and doesn’t have seasons.
Regular stores sell their old and out of season merchandise for lower prices, but because there are so many MM items that maybe people missed out on when it was released or are older but still have designs that people want, there’s a kind of added value that can’t be helped.
Since MM mostly runs on reservations, there’s an extremely limited amount of stock available (^_^;)
People who buy dresses just to resell immediately… are pretty sad but they’re free to do what they want and we can’t scold every person for doing it.
The important thing is not to worry about what other people do and just appreciate the clothes for yourself (*^-^*)

Added value huh… I understand if it’s like an auction and there are lots of people thinking “I want this no matter how much it costs!” and the price gets expensive, but if the price is inflated from the beginning it does feel pretty shitty.
But I love getting things for cheaper than retail so it doesn’t really have anything to do with me ^^

Getting things cheaper than retail is awesome, huh?
It sucks that due to my OCD I can’t buy used stuff… orz
It would be nice but all I can do is patiently wait for re-releases;;;

About rare things getting more expensive-
My attitude is, I can understand why people would charge prices higher than retail but I feel like people who sell their items for more than they paid are in it to make money.
If you think the market price should be higher than retail then you should auction it off.
It’s pretty bad if you sell it for more than retail and it’s been worn and doesn’t have the tags on anymore, but I don’t buy from those people or try to pry into the way they do things.
It’s not like selling stuff for more than retail is prohibited on this community so if people do that I can’t really say anything.

More than that I hate when people only post official stock pics.
I want to know the state of the item and how the color looks in real life – even 1 photo would be great  o(^-^)o

If it’s a second-hand clothing shop I realize they have overhead and give them a bit of license to charge more but if it’s an individual doing it I kind of have a problem. Some people might say “well then just don’t buy it” but I don’t know, it feels like a resale factory to me.


Yesterday at the supermarket (lol) coming home from a day out wearing my Delice Fleur OP in mint, someone came up to me and said “your dress is so cute, where is it from? I’m into lolita…”

It was a cute student and I hope we meet again!
It’s fun when someone with the same interest in clothing comes up to say something.

Thanks for sharing your nice episode.
I felt warm and fuzzy reading it.
I want to wear lolita so well that people want to come up and say something to me!!

Thanks for the kind message.
It’s kind of a silly story so wondered if I should post about it at all but I’m glad I did.
I want to learn more so I can wear lolita even better (^ ^)!


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