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Antoinette Flower dress received ! Pictures and mini-review !

Hello girls !

It's my first time posting on this community and today,
I post to share pictures of the Antoinette Flower dress (in blue) that I bought
from Mary Magdalene when they did the reservations (in the end of January).
So people who missed them and want to buy it secondhand will know what to expect.
What you have to know first is that Mary Magdalene is my
favourite brand and this particular dress, is my ultimate dreamdress
since I'm into the Lolita style (2009). BUT, I always stay objective
when reviewing so I will try not to be biased by those facts.
(Oh, and I didn't buy directly from them, I used chibi_tenshi's SS
and she was perfect as usual. I used it because I wanted to avoid customs)

No pictures of package because it's not the original MM one
so there no point showing it. And I was also too impatient to open it
to take the time to take pictures ^^ (wow ! too much "to" xD).
The dress came with two MM shopping bags (with no handles Ô_ô) and
one simple black hanger (I was expecting a MM hanger T.T)...

Now, the pictures :

Biiiiiig skirt part isn't it ? But it's not what 'shocked' me the most when
I first opened the package : the color of the dress is a very yellow-ish cream.
I thought I was strange but atferwards, I really liked it, it gives an antique feeling to the dress.
The middle part of the dress/skirt is a good cream color.

As you may have noticed, the color is not the same on some picures due to the fact that
when the battery of my camera died, I had to use my cellphone to take the pictures.

For this dress, you need more than one good petti to give a decent poof to the dress.
Even my good Candy Violet petticoat can't do the job by itself alone...
I'll have to buy another poofy petticoat and layer them.

Now, worn pictures !

It's not visible on the picture above, but the bottom of the dress is bellow
my knees (which is very rare for me haha :D) and I'm 164m tall (5.32 for US people).

This picture (above) shows the real poof that my petti gives to the dress (that is very low)
and that the waist ties of this dress are absolutely useless to make the waist of the dress smaller.
Oh, forgot to say that the dress is 100% polyester. But even as a polyester hater, I have
to admit that the quality of this one is amazing ( *___* ) !

Bust part shot x) !
You can't really see it, but the bust of the dress is too big for me (as expected ==').
I wish I had 3cm more, it would be perfect to make a Rococo low-neck !
So if you know how to gain boobs, feel free to share your secrets haha :D.

Overall, I'd say that the quality and the construction of this beauty are perfect !
I don't know if I sound satisfied enough, but I can tell you that I really was this morning,
when I was wearing this dress ! It's the first and last time I will ever order something new online
I think, but I'm so happy, the dress is really worth its price (^_^).
I'm so proud to own it, it's the most beautiful piece of my wardrobe ♥.

I hope those who ordered the same dress received it without any problem :) !
Feel free to share pictures of yours (especially the pink colorway, I haven't seen it yet) !
Any question ? I'll do my best to answer, please ask ^^.

Thanks for reading, bye ~ ♪ !

EDIT # 1 : thanks to jennekohan for sharing those two links with us !
 - Auction for the mint colorway (with more pictures)
- Auction for the pink one (but only stock pictures)
If you missed the reservations, you can still get this dress ^^ !

EDIT # 2 :
I just noticed that I made a big mistake previously in my review. The dress is not 100% polyester
(that's why I was so amazed of the quality of the fabric), only the lining xD !
So here is a pic of the tag where the fabrics are written,
if you understand what is written, feel free to share with us :


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