go_slow_ly (go_slow_ly) wrote in lavieclassique,

They're out of control!

MM released a new dress that further pushes the previous limits of their shirring stretch. One small step for classic lolitas?

To be honest the green colorway looks hideous to me (and I love green), but I could get with the navy one. The fabric also concerns me since it's 100% polyester, which is not necessarily bad, but just concerning.

I saw on mixi that Japanese lolitas are receiving their Marie Antoinette dresses now! I hope those of you that got one will share the experience with the rest of us :D

VM has previews of some kind of bar wench-y dress that should be up for reserve soon. They're also going to have LPs and a sale for Golden Week. Details and times here.

Excentrique brought out some military items from their Midsummer Night's Dream summer collection.

IW is having a Golden Week fair where you get discount coupons for spending certain amounts. This isn't listed on the English site yet so I don't know if it applies to foreign orders :/

Also don't forget that JetJ's re-release of Le monde de l'ange in a new colorway is now up for reserve in a dress and skirt. They added some drawings and measurements to go along with the size reviews they always put on the bottom of the page. Sucks to be the "kind of chubby" girl in the middle (why would you do that?)


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