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DS! Innocent World Felicia Crown JSK, Alice and the Pirates Jewelry Print Chiffon jsk, Blue Bodyline

!DS! Innocent World Felicia Crown JSK, Alice and the Pirates Jewelry Print Chiffon jsk, Blue Bodyline OP, Pink Dear Celine Pink OP DISCOUNTS!!
Hello!! ^o^  ~.~
-No smoking home
-No pets are allowed inside the house
-All Prices in USD
-If you comment then do not respond for a week I will give it to the next person in line
-Prices do not include Paypal fees
-If you dont respond within 48 hours, I will PM you for your Paypal. After that, if you don't respond in 48 hours, I will take you out of line.
-Shipping from Texas
-Richardson, Texas
-Open to trade but I must approve it and I may turn down the item and take the first to leave their email
-First to leave their email and pay gets the item except for when there is a trade offer
-I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Proof... Hello Kitty style ~.~

 IW Trump Crown Print JSK
250 190 usd+ shipping
The print is beautiful and crisp. Only worn once!!


Alice and the Pirates Jewelry Print Chiffon jsk (navy)
220 + shipping
I bought it off the comm for 250 and never wore it. It isnt my style.
The lace is truly beautiful and complements the dresses theme but I cant capture it on camera.

Bodyline Blue Op

Worn once for a couple of hours, brand new
67 usd    42.88 + shipping!!


Pink Dear Celine Poodle OP!!
64 49 USD +shipping

White lace gloves!
9.50 usd each+ shipping
I have 2 pair in white!!
I have lots more gloves for sale in all colors!! Just ask for pictures!!

Short black boy cut wig
 Great for Prince style or classical!! Or even a base for falls!! No worn pictures because I never took them out. ^^ If you want one just ask!!  I bought them for 30 usd!!

12 usd each+ shipping!!
I have 2. They are nice high quality!! Bought for a play and never used them and they were just lying around.

Want to Trade!!
Alice and the Pirates Dance of the Black cats Op in Wine!!
I want to trade for it in black or in wine in the JSK version or at least a smaller size. I will look at the skirt version or any other version. ^^ It makes me sad that I look fat in my dream print!!

This is more of a guideline. OFFER ME ANYTHING!!
I am looking for gothic, mori ish, sweet!
I am also looking for anything crochet!!


IW Felicia Crown Skirt!
 Any color!!

Thank you for looking!! ^o^

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