raviolikenshin (raviolikenshin) wrote in lavieclassique,

New JetJ release! Ballerine OP + a blouse

Prepare yourself!

Here is the pickup page~ Here is the link to the product page (not yet up). It seems they have not updated the blog about it, which is a little different. I can't find the release date. It's probably hidden somewhere under my nose! I will update the page with the info if I find it.

It comes in two colors, pink and kinari. It's made of chiffon.

PS The price will probably be 32,550 yen, as pictured in the G&LB VOL 43.

PPS I'm sure most of you are already aware, but just in case you missed it, the new L'éclat de la perle blouse is up for reservation.

SO is anyone getting it? Or are you all spent with the barrage of releases from JetJ?
Tags: juliette et justine

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