Jen-Neko-Han (jennekohan) wrote in lavieclassique,

VM British Marine Series

Victorian Maiden has their British Marine Series up for reservation!

British Marine Dress in black, ivory x black, ivory x navy, and navy.
British Marine Puff Sleeve Dress in black, cinnamon, greige, and navy.
British Marine Ribbon Dress in black x black, black x ivory, cinnamon, greige, and navy.
Marine Blouse Dress in black, off-white, ivory, and navy.
British Marine Bustle Skirt in black, ivory x black, ivory x navy, and navy.
Cotton Lace Petticoat black, off-white, cinnamon, and navy.
British Marine Tippett in black, off-white x black, off-white, and cinnamon.
Classical Marine Headdress in black, off-white x black, off-white x navy, navy, satin black, cinnamon, and satin navy.

Love the coordinates of the Marine Blouse Dress under the British Marine Dress. Totally economically sound to buy a dress to wear under another dress!

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