raviolikenshin (raviolikenshin) wrote in lavieclassique,

JetJ Sale & Shooting for catalog (?)

Hey! As many of you must know by now, Juliette et Justine is having a members sale right now! If you aren't a member, you can easily join. The sale only goes until the 27th. Their recent blog entry also mentioned/reminded people about purchase point advantages and the wallpapers available to members.

It seems they are shooting for the catalog from this pic they tweeted. You can see the new print in pink, blue, and beige. There might be a lacy chiffon OP but I think it may just be a blouse. You can see the Alice print and Murmure de L'ange also on the rack. EDIT: I'm not sure that's the Murmure one. I actually think it's a black jsk with rose printed waist ties, oop @ me.

...and it seems like they are semi-live tweeting the shoot! More pics after the cut!

The pics are being shot in an outside location ;) Nature!

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